Mission Statement


The Art Center is an Inclusive Community Art space, where art as a process is paramount, and where the community and the artist are put into direct contact.


Vision Statement


We are interested in creating a rural community art space, where Traditional, Expressive and Conceptual Artists come in contact with each other and the larger community. Envision a place where the art is paramount and the atmosphere is intelligent educational and welcoming, a professional place where Local Artists, Visiting Artists, Emerging Artists and Established Artists mingle. Our goal is the building of an artistic community through socialization thereby removing the often-isolating effect of working as an artist in a rural area. Imagine a large space for artists to work, classes to be taught, exhibitions and art talks to be held. The Art Center should have a salon atmosphere where deep conversations about art as a verb could be had. It would be place where you don’t just walk through but you hang and process what has been seen and made, a place where you can come away with more of an understanding and appreciation of all art. Through this portal we will strengthen the Artistic and Economical place of all the Arts in the local Community.